Apple Leisure Group


The Intranet

APPLE Leisure Group intranet introduces a clean modern design to better get you the information you are looking for. Here we were looking to merge The Mark Travel Companies Intranet site and Merge it with the Apple Leisure Groups style and branding. In this we designed the project based on the key areas of information that users are looking for and give it to them in small short bits that can be read in minutes on a daily basis.

My Role

I was picked to spearhead this project as the sole designer for the intranet project to drive the design effort. Working closely with our business team, development team, and human resources our main client for this project. The goal was to create a simple engaging end-to-end experience for our workers. I primarily focused my effort on the home screen,navigation, browse file, and the style guide I created along the way. To create the design, I used pen and paper to get my rough ideas out, I then used adobe XD and Photoshop to create res comps, before creating a prototype version of the website in Webflow. From there I then handed it off to the web development team to implement into production.

Previous Version

In previous versions of the intranet site, the navigation was largely unusable as there was no easy way to navigate through the intranet site. As all the navigation link's inside the main navigation take you to other external websites and documents. Additionally while all the important information was on the home page. The styling and layout made it difficult to determine the importance of information to the broad range of people using the website.

User Experience

The goal for this project was to create a simple but flexible website design to address the needs of the HR department in informing our staff of company events and changes. Utilize the power of our content management system to allow the human resources department to easily update and change the content on their own.

User Needs

To provide the best experience for our employees. We wanted to customize the website to meet their needs. Making it simple for our workers to figure out the information that pertains to them. In order to do this, I surveyed workers throughout various office locations. Then compiled the data to determine important requirements. Creating our user personas and determining the ideal journey of information from what was received.


For the new navigation I then used the business requirements and user journey profiles. First creating a new website journey and sitemap. Which I then used to base the new navigation on. The result was a two-tier navigation where the left side would be for internal navigation and the right would be for external links.

Main Content

To make it easy for everyone to stay updated with the everything going on in the company. We wanted to use the home page to give our workers a quick overview of everything going on in the company. To do this I started by ranking the information by its level of importance. Based on that I then prioritized the information. Additional I worked to make it easily scannable so everyone can easily to go through it all the info of a regular basis. To see if there is anything important going on that they need to be aware of.

Final Result

From the design phase I then handed it off to development. Continuing to work with them to get the intranet site fully implemented.

Intranet Prototype

Please view in Google Chrome or Firefox to make sure everything works properly thanks.

Since the website is for internal use only, I am only able to share a prototype version of the website. Also note that some changes had to be made to this version for non-disclosure reasons.
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